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Hi, Let us tell you about Kristine.

Kristine says, "It is so important that we elect Judges that understand the complexities of the Family Court system, that understand the emotionally driven challenges of Family Court cases and have the compassion, understanding and experience to not only help families and children through the Family Court system but also make the difficult decisions when necessary. I am that person."


Kristine wants to be your next Family Court Judge because she has a passion and a heart for helping families and children through difficult situations. Something she does now as an attorney, and will do as your next Family Court Judge.


Kristine understands the difficulties and challenges families and children face navigating through the Family Court system. She always takes the time to educate clients about the law, explain the legal process, listen carefully, answer questions and keep clients informed throughout the duration of their case.


Kristine has represented thousands of mothers, fathers, grandparents, custodians and children, as petitionaiers and respondents. Kristine is a fierce advocate for her clients and has handled all types of cases from mediation, negotiation to trials. One of the most important things Kristine has learned as an attorney, and that she will always remember as a Judge, is that she is dealing with someone’s life, the most important person in their life...their children.


For over 18 years, Kristine has provided quality legal services tailored to the unique needs of each client in matrimonial and family law matters including divorce, custody and visitation disputes, domestic violence and orders of protection, child abuse and neglect and termination of parental rights, step-parent adoption proceedings, paternity matters and child support cases. Additionally, Kristine has been a dedicated advocate for children while serving as an Attorney for the Child in cases involving custody and visitation cases, child abuse and neglect matters, including representing children in the foster care system, paternity matters and juvenile delinquency proceedings.


Kristine was born and raised in Henrietta, NY where she still lives, raised her children and maintains her law firm. Kristine has successfully run her own law firm, managing business operations including employees, while providing effective quality legal services throughout our community for nearly 20 years.


Kristine attended Monroe Community College and completed a Bachelor of Science Degree at SUNY Brockport. Kristine then attended New England School of Law where she obtained a Juris Doctorate. Upon graduating from law school, Kristine worked as an AmeriCorps Attorney for Monroe County Legal Assistance Corporation, now known as LawNY, providing legal services to low-income clients in court and in administrative proceedings involving evictions from private and government housing. Kristine conductes legal presentations to victims of domestic violence and other client groups.

Kristine and her husband, Peter have five children, aged 19 to 29 years old, and two grandchildren. Kristine enjoys spending time with her family and friends, especially her grandson, John, who lives nearby. Kristine loves spending time outside hiking, biking, or simply taking a walk with her two Bichon-poos, Callie and Eli.


Kristine belives that a positive word and at times a hand up can make all the difference in an individuals life; she sets aside time to encourage and mentor our youth in financial literacy and entrepreneurship.


Kristine volunteers her time at church, various not for profit organizations, and dedicates many holidays distributing food and clothing to Rochester’s homeless community. Her commitment to the growth and wellbeing of children is best noted in her commitment to programs that empower children to overcome poverty thru education, housing, sanitation and clean water as well as access to health care and healthy living options.

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